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RAIDERS OF THE LOST MOVIE SHOWCAST (w/Chris Strompolos) – “The Longest Ride”

Showcast Episode 95: It’s an Indiana Jones LOVEFEST as Chris Strompolos of “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” hits The Admiral’s Club with updates on the greatest fan film ever made (for the uninitiated, it was shot over thirty-two years – suck it, “Boyhood”!). He talks about the film, the book and the new documentary that captures the making of the remake. Plus, a preview of the Scott Eastwood’s abs-a-thon known as “The Longest Ride” and an Indy-themed Karen’s Birthdays.


Movie Guy Ray Schillaci fires up his new column, “Worth Reviving”, which looks at films that get lost in the shuffle of over-hyped Hollywood offerings. This edition gives the once-over to the 12-Oscar-nominated “Becket”, with Peter O’Toole & Richard Burton.