THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “NOT RAMBLING NUTBAGS” (w/Jamie Kennedy) – “Run All Night” & “Cinderella”

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THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “NOT RAMBLING NUTBAGS” (w/Jamie Kennedy) – “Run All Night” & “Cinderella”

Showcast Episode 91: Star of stage and “Scream” Jamie Kennedy joins The Movie Guys in The Admiral’s Club to promote his new indie thriller “Buddy Hutchins” and rail against show scripts during previews of “Run All Night” and “Cinderella”. There are great on-set stories and talk of the hidden gem “The Specials”, plus vocal coach to the stars Chet Loudly returns to teach everyone how to act with a more gravelly, Neeson-esque voice.

The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Bart Kias
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