Dewitt & Maria

Dewitt & Maria


Review by Justin Bowler

How sad would the world be if the only art explored in cinema were the same cookie cutter films that studios release? Thankfully, independent filmmakers have the passion and drive to vocalize their own stories, opening up a world of alternatives to the matted ordinary films at the Cineplex. Such is the case with Dennis Devine’s Dewitt & Maria, written by Jim Mueller.

Dewitt & MariaIt is a fresh and unique look at a romantic comedy that a studio could never achieve. More so than anything, the drive of the filmmaker is felt while watching this film. It is that heart that carries the movie, even through some of its flaws. The dialogue feels very organic. The characters actually speak to each other instead of spouting out lines designed to promote the purpose of the scene (It almost resembles a stage play in that fashion, but in a yesteryear kind of way) (I might have liked the film better if it were set in the 1950s). The score, by Tony Green, is a near perfect fit. It keeps the film from taking itself too seriously and supports its likability, with a buoyant and bouncy appeal. The cast supports the material well, with David Novak as a clear stand out. He has a Robert Forster likability and charm. The cinematography is dynamic, with excellent production value. Over all, this film is the definition of the term “independent”.

A fine film for indy fans.

2.5 stars
“Dewitt & Maria” is available on AMAZON.

Directed by: Dennis Devine
Country: USA
Distributor: GoDigital Media Group

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