THE LATEST – 8/3/12

Three-breasted girl

AUGUST 3, 2012
The three-boobed girl has been brought back for the “Total Recall” remake! If you don’t think this is news, you obviously don’t visit our website enough…

AUGUST 2, 2012
Goofy mash-up of the day:


AUGUST 1, 2012
Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO

You want proof that critics don’t know shit? The every-ten-years Sight & Sound poll is out and the big news is that “Vertigo” has replaced “Citizen Kane” as the greatest film of all time, among critics. What’s bigger news is that “The Godfather” has dropped out of the Top 10. I call bullshit.

JULY 31, 2012
This was posted almost a year ago, yet with Tom Hardy’s recent performance as Bane, his audition video from “Star Trek: Nemesis” has re-surfaced. And it’s been wonderfully intercut with the final film. Check it out:


JULY 30, 2012
The Hobbit
Peter Jackson shoots the SHIT out of his movies. You’ve seen the twelve hours of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Well, he shot so damn much of “The Hobbit”, that that franchise will now be three films as well. Read about it HERE.

JULY 29, 2012
People are saying that Heath Ledger’s masterful performance as The Joker is inspired by this Tom Waits appearance on a 1970’s talk show. How much proof is there? None. But it’s pretty freakin’ eerie:


JULY 28, 2012
The Shining

WB is discussing the possibility of a prequel to “The Shining”. Interesting. Could be “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. Could be “Phantom Menace”…

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