Excited about upcoming movies? You will be. Or, you’ll be frustrated by how much trailers give away. Either way, they’re all here for your enjoyment.

As ever, we recommend our WEEKLY MOVIE PREVIEW to tell you the real deal about every weekend’s releases. Plus, we’re funnier.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (opening 7/3/12)

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (opening 7/20/12)

THE EXPENDABLES 2 (opening 8/17/12)

FDR: AMERICAN BADASS (opening 9/24/12)

GIRL IN PROGRESS (opening 5/11/12)

MAGIC MIKE (opening 6/29/12)

RUBY SPARKS (opening 7/25/12)

YOUR SISTER’S SISTER (opening 6/15/12)

Magic Mike

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