G.I. Joe - Retaliation

APRIL 20, 2012
The posters are out for the new G.I. Joe sequel, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”. Why are we excited? ‘Cause if you take the Stephen Sommers out of any equation, the result is a better movie. New G.I. Joe movie, new director, new interested. Check out the posters HERE and click through where they say to to check out four other posters, including one with Bruce Willis.

APRIL 19, 2012
Francis Lawrence

“The Hunger Games” is a massive hit, and now the sequel, “Catching Fire” has a director. After Gary Ross couldn’t do it, they went with “I Am Legend” and “Water for Elephants” director Francis Lawrence, who looks here like Frederick Zoller of “Inglourious Basterds”. He seems like a good successor to us, ’cause “The Hunger Games” kinda played out like part “I Am Legend” and part “Water for Elephants”.

APRIL 18, 2012
Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro had some interesting stuff to say at the Tribeca Film Festival. Most interesting to us is that he’s working on a script for a sequel to “Midnight Run”. We at The Movie Guys LOVE that film, so the idea’s either intriguing or horrible. We’re still mulling it over. And that isn’t the only revelation he shared in the Judd-Apatow-monitored conversation. Read all about it HERE.

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