APRIL 11, 2012
Your first look at “Skyfall”, the latest James Bond film (due later this year) is available at FANDANGO.COM. Four pics for now and a promise of a full behind-the-scenes visit to the set next week.

APRIL 10, 2012
Gary Ross

What a lousy time to be in a hurry. Director Gary Ross says he will not be back to direct “The Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire. He doesn’t have the time. This from the guy who waited five years between “Pleasantville” and “Seabiscuit” and eight years since “Seabiscuit” to direct “The Hunger Games”. Now that he’s on to a good thing, he’s too busy. Stick around, Gary, you done a good thing. But…if you’re gonna go, PLEASE tell Darren Aronofsky to pick up where you left off! Get Ross’s full statement at The Hollywood Reporter.

APRIL 9, 2012
Ben Kingsley

Today in “The Dictator” news:
– “The Dictator” co-star Ben Kingsley is in talks to co-star in “Iron Man 3”.
“The Dictator” has moved its release date from May 11 to May 16, to avoid conflict with the Tim Burton comedy “Dark Shadows”. This may be the only dictator you can push around.

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