Phoenix Film Festival

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “SCREAMING NEIGHBOR CHAOS PROFANITY SEQUEL” (w/Tim Jennings) – “Transcendence”, “A Haunted House 2” & “DisneyNature Bears”

Showcast Episode 46: “Transcendence”, “A Haunted House 2” and “DisneyNature Bears” get thorough previews to prep you for your weekend, with the help of’s Tim Jennings, this week’s special guest. Plus, rapid-fire versions of “What Did you See This Week?” and Karen’s Birthdays.

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST AT THE PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL (w/Justin Bowler) – “Oculus”, “Rio 2” & “Draft Day”

Showcast Episode 45: The Movie Guys are broadcasting from The Phoenix Film Festival. Besides previewing “Oculus”, “Rio 2” and “Draft Day”, Paul, Lee, Karen and special guest host Justin Bowler got interviews with loads of filmmakers, including “Locke” director Steven Knight and horror legend Dee Wallace. It’s a unique episode recorded at an awesome place.

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “THE LIST EDITION” (w/Steven Lewis) – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Showcast Episode 44: The preview of only one major release this week, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, makes room for The Movie Guys to fire up another “Indie Round-Up” of all the high-falootin’ films in thee-ay-ters. Plus, Adam explains how superhero movies are now a giant soap opera, and guest Steven Lewis hits the studio to get a good roundtable discussion going about movie lists.

THE CROWDFUNDED MOVIE SHOWCAST (w/Chunky B) – “Need for Speed”, “Bad Words”, “Veronica Mars” & “Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club”

Showcast Episode 41: Four signature movie previews come at you in this fast and furious episode, including “Need for Speed”, “Bad Words”, “Veronica Mars” and “Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club”. Plus, a special appearance by Dr. Haku Matani, who stops by to explain his Theory of Movie Star Relativity and comic and fellow podcaster Chunky B sits in the whole show!