Matthew McConaughey

“Krazee-Eyez Killa” (w/Chris Williams) – “Independence Day: Resurgence”, “Free State of Jones” & “The Shallows”

Ep. 156: The Movie Guys cover a trio of new movies trying to get a jump on the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend – The Shallows, Independence Day: Resurgence and Free State of Jones. All three get the thorough preview treatment. Sitting in the whole show is actor Chris Williams, currently recurring on HBO’s Silicon Valley and soon to be seen on the new CBS series The Great Indoors. We talk all of that, plus his appearances in Curb Your Enthusiasm, The World’s Fastest Indian, Dodgeball and more!

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “YOU’VE BEEN GREENLIT!” (w/Matt McCarthy) – “Thor: The Dark World”, “The Book Thief” & “About Time”

Showcast Episode 25: After a preview of “Thor: The Dark World”, The Movie Guys provide a glimpse of what life must be like on Asgard. Also, a preview of “The Book Thief” inspires a game of “You’ve Been Greenlit!”, a game of vocabulary skill where keywords in your plot can win you an Oscar. Then comedian and actor Matt McCarthy hits the studio for a preview of “About Time” and tons of great talk about movies and professional wrestling.