George Lucas

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “LIVINGSTON DELL, I PRESUME?” (w/Eddie Jemison) – “The Boy Next Door”, “Mortdecai”, “Black Sea” & “Strange Magic”

Showcast Episode 84: This week’s Showcast episode celebrates the V.O.D. release of Eddie Jemison’s feature debut as writer/director, “King of Herrings”! (now on iTunes, Google Play and more)! Eddie joins The Movie Guys in studio with great stories from the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise and he sits in to preview “Strange Magic”, “The Boy Next Door”, “Black Sea” and “Mortdecai”.

THE MOVIE SHOWCAST – “MANUARY” (w/Robert Reeves) – “The Legend of Hercules” & “Lone Survivor”

Showcast Episode 32: The Movie Guys kick off 2014 with a fresh batch of New Year’s resolutions, then launch into previews of “The Legend of Hercules” and “Lone Survivor”. Then guest and “Star Wars” fan filmmaker Robert Reeves stops by The Admiral’s Club for a crap-ton of “Star Wars” talk. Also, guest co-host Mike J. Nichols sits in the whole show!

THE RETURN OF THE MOVIE SHOWCAST (w/Mike J. Nichols) – “After Earth” & “Now You See Me”

Showcast Episode 2: This week’s Showcast gets all Shyamalan-y with previews of “After Earth” and “Now You See Me”. Plus, The Movie Guys take to the street to talk celebrity children, the triumphant return of radio magician The Amazing Mono and guest Mike J. Nichols talks up the 30th anniversary of “Return of the Jedi”, including a tribute to little-known legend and Millenium Falcon co-pilot, Nien Nunb.


Really, how hard was it to understand this film people? I know the trailers made it look like a mindless action flick, but it’s not. I’m sorry you couldn’t waltz in 10-minutes late with your face full of popcorn and your butter-stained fingers endlessly fumbling over your cell phone, and not be able to figure out what’s going on. It’s called attention. If you pay it, you’ll get it.