Steve Scholz

Steve Scholz’s early exposure to film work began at age 7 when his father, Charles Scholz (co-author of The Super 8 Handbook), helped him shoot a Batman movie on Super 8. Steve directed the silent color short, which featured his 4-year-old brother as Robin, a neighbor kid as Batman, his grandfather as Commissioner Gordon, and another young friend as their villain, The Poker. Highlights include: the 30 degree angle shot when The Poker makes his entrance; Batman wearing a front-only-Bat-Cowl which showcased his blonde hair; and a choreographed fight in a kitchen, where heroes and villain each stand one foot away from a visible line of masking tape and then repeatedly punch the air in front of them. All copies of the film (1) have been safely protected from any potential YouTube piracy.

Today, Steve lives in Chicago and works as an actor, writer and director. He’s glad to see so many great films being made and screened, even if they can’t compete with his “No-Budget Batman.”


Steve has contributed original comedy material to many of The Movie Guys videos, most recently The New Movie Show.
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Steve is a writer for THE MOVIE SHOWCAST on iTunes.
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Steve is a writer for The Movie Guys LIVE.