“Cool Ronnings” (w/Ron Babcock) – “Beauty and the Beast” & “The Belko Experiment”

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“Cool Ronnings” (w/Ron Babcock) – “Beauty and the Beast” & “The Belko Experiment”

Ep. 193: There are huge pre-sale numbers for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The Movie Guys tell you what you might expect from the potential blockbuster, plus, a look at the definition of counter-programming – The Belko Experiment. Three-time guest Ron Babcock joins all show long on the eve of his new comedy album, This Guy (available March 30th).

The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Bart Kias
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"Cool Ronnings" (w/Ron Babcock) - "Beauty and the Beast" & "The Belko Experiment"

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