Fallen Princesses - Snow White
NOVEMBER 26, 2013
Good on ya, Dina Goldstein, for your “Fallen Princesses” photo series, showing Disney Princesses in the “after” stage of “Happily Ever After”. See the whole series, featuring Pocahontas, Jasmine and more HERE.

NOVEMBER 25, 2013
A short film inspired by “Gravity”, directed by Alfonso Cuaron’s son, Jonas:


NOVEMBER 24, 2013
Belloq's exploding head
Anything “Raiders” always makes the cut here at The Latest, and this still photo of Belloq’s exploding head was recently unearthed online, so we have it for you here. The MPAA apparently had the filmmakers add flames to reduce the effect and get “Raiders of the Lost Ark” the PG rating. Read more about it HERE.

NOVEMBER 23, 2013
Star Wars, Episode VII BTS pic
MOVIEFONE found this first photo from the making of “Star Wars – Episode VII” awkward. Agree? Disagree?

NOVEMBER 22, 2013
Thor - Journey Into Mystery
As if what Marvel was pulling off with its series of superhero films wasn’t impressive enough, they’ve decided to embed a ton of easter eggs and homages in “Thor: The Dark World”. It made a gazillion dollars, you’ve seen it, so there won’t be any spoilers.
Read about them all HERE.

NOVEMBER 21, 2013
Toy Story/The Shining
And how about these easter eggs from classic movies. You’ll wanna re-watch them to find these hidden themes, but who wouldn’t want to re-watch “The Departed” and the “Toy Story” trilogy?
Read about it at CRACKED.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013
Star Destroyer/Kinkade
A little “Star Wars” makes most everything better. Such is the case with Thomas Kinkade paintings. See the whole series of painting “upgrades” at IO9.

NOVEMBER 19, 2013
Ant Man
Edgar Wright is making the “Ant Man” movie for Marvel. Here is one frame of proof. There’s not much more to tell about a movie coming out in 2015, but MOVIEFONE has an article.

NOVEMBER 18, 2013
Avatar Land model
No one ever said James Cameron wasn’t ambitious. Along with two sequels to “Avatar”, here’s a pic of an “Avatar”-themed land to be built on Disney property in Florida. Details are HERE.

NOVEMBER 17, 2013
David Lynch makes quinoa has titled one of its recent posts “DAVID LYNCH’S QUINOA RECIPE VIDEO IS AS LYNCHIAN AS IT GETS!“. That is the perfect title. Read on, and watch the videos while you can!

NOVEMBER 16, 2013
Tim Burton hasn’t directed an original film since 2005, he’s just put his signature look on old properties to make them look original. After remaking his own “Frankenweenie”, he’s now tempting a swipe at a sequel with “Beetlejuice 2”. Talks have begun. Read about it at THE WRAP.

NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Escape Plan
Everybody does an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. Just like everybody does Walken and Jack. But nobody does Arnold better then Arnold. Watch Schwarzenegger quote the great lines of Schwarzenegger HERE.

NOVEMBER 14, 2013
Rolling Stone Star Wars Spread
I guess “Star Wars” was goofy all this time. Maybe I’ll take back some things I said about Jar-Jar.
See the whole Rolling Stone “Star Wars” spread from the ’80s HERE.

NOVEMBER 13, 2013
Gotham Hoodies
First pics from the set of “Batman vs. Superman”
See them all HERE.

NOVEMBER 12, 2013
Damon Lindelof
Damon Lindelof has quit Twitter. Too much negativity. Too much darkness. Too much black smoke.

NOVEMBER 11, 2013
Stan Lee rants about 3D movies, and comes off wonderfully Lewis Blackian:


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