Tom Cruise photoshopped

AUGUST 13, 2013
Photoshop Guy Danny Evans has put together quite a gallery of what celebrities would look like if they were “real people”. It’s kind of like the paparazzi meets Glamour Shots.
See them all HERE.

AUGUST 12, 2013
Christopher Nolan
Filming has begun on Christopher Nolan’s next film, “Interstellar”. That is all.
Read about it HERE.

AUGUST 11, 2013
Disney film shoot map
Got time on your hands? So does this guy who targeted out on a map of the Earth all the places where Disney movies take place. The results are HERE.

AUGUST 10, 2013
Robert Downey, Jr. is doing a commercial. Awesome. I think we can all agree that you can’t have too much RDJ, so enjoy this ad in all its weird glory:


AUGUST 9, 2013
Topping the list, year after year, of “Movies that were made but never released that we’d most like to see” is Jerry Lewis’ infamous 1972 Holocaust film “The Day the Clown Cried”. New online is footage from the film! Along with some behind-the-scenes, making of stuff. A true gift to movie nuts. Enjoy:


AUGUST 8, 2013
What goes down at Comic-Con? Well, it goes well beyond The San Diego Convention Center. Pop culture entities from TV, film, comics and more take over every available building downtown. And Legendary Pictures built a whole downtown Tokyo, emergency control center and big-city high-rise office to promote next summer’s “Godzilla”. The makers of the film and the cast visited the attraction and you can experience their reactions:


AUGUST 7, 2013
George Clooney
The “George Clooney Continues To Prove How Awesome He Is” tour continues, as he recently ranted against a hedge fund douchebag executive who has all the wrong suggestions to bring around SONY Pictures, recently hit with a string of flops. Clooney, armed with nothing but STUPID-good looks and two Oscars, laid out the case for artistry.
Read on HERE.

AUGUST 6, 2013
Star Wars cards
The people at Topless Robot have a lot of time on their hands. And we reap the rewards. Check out their article, “The Eight Funniest Recurring Themes in the Original Star Wars Trading Cards”, a thorough examination of trends in the old-timey “Star Wars” collectible cards from the ’70s and ’80s.
See and read it all at TOPLESS ROBOT.

AUGUST 5, 2013
Stay-Puft marshmallow man
This website is called “100 Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos from Iconic Movies”, and it’s exactly what it claims to be. Rare and awesome. See pics from “E.T.”, “Batman” and more.

AUGUST 4, 2013
James Cameron and Fox recently announced that there will be “Avatar” sequels. But now that number has been upped to THREE sequels, coming out in 2016, 2017 and 2018, a year I can’t even really fathom as happening. But are writers on board? They SAY they’ve got Josh Friedman, Shane Salerno and others on board, but I think we should seize the moment and pitch our plotlines to Cameron and see if we can get one greenlit. If you remember, “Avatar” was about human imperialists landing on Pandora, a land full of blue people called Na’vi, and destroying the natives and their trees, wildlife and environment in search of a rich energy source called Unobtanium. Mr. Cameron, naturally you’re reading The Movie Guys, so let us just give you these, free of charge.

PLOT IDEA #1: A new energy source emerges called It’s-all-ours-ium, and it’s hidden underwater on Pandora, so the human military industrial miners have to destroy Pandora’s coral reef to get it.

PLOT IDEA #2: Pandora’s latest power source is called Ain’t-got-no-more-ium, and in order to get it, the human military industrial miners of Earth have to blast through a wall of baby seals.

(You see the environmental theme is strong. Stay with us.)

PLOT IDEA #3: Humans return to Pandora, this time to fine yet another alternative energy source. This one’s called Done-run-out-ium, and it lives in the hearts of panda bears. Sam Worthington must do all the air-bending he can to stop Stephen Lang’s clone and his army of military industrial miners from carving the We-never-thought-we’d-run-out-ium from the panda’s bears chests.

PLOT IDEA #4: An evil wizard chases the blue people from their village and they tumble out of their magical world into ours! Central Park! And then they must find a way to get back to their world with the help of Neil Patrick Harris.

OK, that’s the plot of “The Smurfs”, but that was a hit, right?

Read about the “Avatar” plan at YAHOO!.

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