San Diego Comic-Con


Justin & Paul Go to Comic-Con

Comments and Photos by Justin Bowler & Paul Preston

For one week of the calendar year, the center of the nerd world and the center of the entertainment industry form the perfect Venn Diagram (That’s a nerd joke, btw) (If you didn’t get it, there is a good chance you may not enjoy the rest of this article). The San Diego Convention Center (and beyond) is jam-packed with so much stuff, you can’t possibly see it all. For example, did you see the headless guys in the photo above? You can’t see it all.  We will be your eyes and ears on the ground:

Paul Preston    Justin Bowler

On to sights and sounds that caught our attention.  First of which was a bee that hung onto our windshield ON THE FREEWAY, at speeds up to 70 miles per hour, for at least an hour of the trip: Bee attack! It’s a long trip from Los Angeles, so you get inspired to do things like shoot a video of the bee, so it looks like he’s a giant flying bee attacking neighboring cars:

Then you figure, “Hey, this would be even better with exciting BEE ATTACK action music!”: Then we arrived in San Diego, which was transformed, as it always is, into a kind of awesome Disneyland full of awesome. IMG_3321

Downtown San Diego, Comic Con Central, and two older Asian men wondering why everyone is wearing costumes.

Harrison Ford

The scoundrel himself, Han Solo, makes his 2nd Comic Con appearance EVER, as nerds in Hall H orgasmically fire their pistols underneath the table.

After realizing that 98% of the audience in Hall H is just waiting through this panel for the “Dexter” panel, Dean Zanuck, producer of Terry Gilliam’s “The Zero Theorem”, woefully responds to a question (asked by someone who just felt bad for the current panel). Has ANYONE ever been less excited to be in Hall H? No:

*editor’s note – (Terry Gilliam just can’t catch a break)

Dexter panel, Comic-Con

The “Dexter” panel complete with surviving and deceased characters. Notice that Rita (Julie Benz) is seated right next to Dexter. As you can imagine, she received A LOT of questions.

*Movie Guys editor’s note – (“Dexter” is a TV show)


Dexter and Rita together again.

*editor’s note – (on TV)

Comic-Con 2013

Only at Comic-Con will you find these two together.

Have you ever wondered what a Yo Gabba Gabba party is like? Click the link below, and you will know.



Live and in person, the KIA RIO AQUAMAN (Aquaman standee not included.)

Badge & Beer 1

Picture of Justin’s professional badge and a beer.

Badge & Beer

A picture of a girl with boobs, upstaging Justin’s professional badge and a beer.

World's End T-shirtThis is a map of downtown San Diego, showing a pub crawl you can take that reflects the pub crawl the characters take in “The World’s End”.

Keep looking….

It’s in there…

Happy Justin

Just because it is nerd central, DOESN’T mean there aren’t Hotties at Comic Con.

Batman & Justin

We call this picture “Only Slightly More Effective Than Underoos”.

Not tryin'#noteventrying

Paul & Yoda

We call this picture “What Is Happening to Paul?”

Paul & Yoda

We call this picture “Paul is no longer happy, but a little concerned.”

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (without W-­Underpants?)

Aquaman w/real chainmail

The most awesome Aquaman EVER.

*editor’s note – (That IS chainmail, btw)


Justin T. Bowler (#JustinTBowler) with the “cast” of Black Sails on STARZ.

*editor’s note – (they’re just models)


We call this picture “Look out for the WHAT? I can’t hear you.”


This is a cool looking, comfortable, yet, highly functional costume

*editor’s note – (until you need to eat)

Rotten Tomatoes w/Paul & Justin

The counter service meals in the Convention Center aren’t all that great.  We were forced to horrific lengths to eat healthy food.


An animal rights activist tries to free an 8-foot wookie.


Cool looking, yet slightly creepy, Sub-­Mariner.

Bane & Catwoman

Someone told us Bane was in this picture.

*editor’s note – (we didn’t notice)

Capt. Stubing

Award for Most Obscure Reference Costume – Captain Stubing (Look it up, kids).

Count Smokula

Justin T. Bowler and Charles Nelson Reilly (Look it up, kids). #Timely #70sReferences

*editor’s note – (Charles Nelson Reilly died in 2007)

*editor’s note – (and that is him)

TMG & Lloyd Kaufman

Hollywood LEGEND Lloyd Kaufman. (And some other guys)

*editor’s note – (see our interview with Lloyd HERE)


Curviest Deadpool EVER.

Power Rangers

New Power Rangers (Paul and Justin) (For some reason Paul is only “thoughtful” about the danger they face).

*editor’s note – (Paul isn’t concerned about conquering the evil forces he is about to contend with, whereas Justin looks intense because he’s crapping his pants when coming face to face with it)

*editor’s note – (Paul is the editor)

TWDChop Shop

“The Walking Dead” booth and INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE and Chop Shop booth.  TWD had a HUGE presence. There was also a booth for the comic books and a huge zombie maze built at PetCo Park where The Padres play.

Tall ship

A FULL, LIFE-SIZE “Assassin’s Creed” Jackdaw (Did we mention it was LIFE SIZE?).

Starbucks line


Hall HSandra BullockTom CruiseJeff Bridges


Hollywood had a drought on A-listers as they all descended upon San Diego for the weekend – Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise, Jeff Bridges, not to mention the not pictured Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and more.

The biggest star sighting was when we saw, all at once, Capt. Picard, Magneto, Professor X and Gandalf all on the same stage:

Stewart & McKellan

Marvel booth, Comic-Con

All three of these people are being paid to be here on behalf of Marvel. Two of them have PHENOMENAL costumes.


One of them is REALLY unhappy.

Dwarf on a Horse

Dwarf on a horse.

Hot WolverineHot Wolverine.

Wonder Woman

Pretty, impressive Wonder Woman.


We’d like to think that she is dressed as Disney’s Swampy The Alligator, but she is, in fact, just a stupid dinosaur (No Swampy at the Con again this year).

*editor’s note – (Justin is the voice of Swampy The Alligator in Disney’s “Where’s My Water?”)

*editor’s note – (@JustinTBowler)


No effing clue. Any ideas what this is?


If you have a chance to pose with the ECTO-1,  you pose with the ECTO-1.



Star Wars

Must.  Have.  For Christmas.

Indiana Jones girl

Indiana Jones and the back of a some jackass’ head.

*editor’s note – (Coming to theaters, May 2016)


1966 Batman (it may ACTUALLY be Adam West).

Lazy Indy

I call this “Lazy Indy”.


Where else can you find a souped­up R2 unit, a Japanese Slave Leia, and the San Diego Fire Department, all in the same photo?

*editor’s note – (only at Comic-Con, and that encapsulates it nicely)


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