Pacific Rim

MAY 30, 2013
Oh, it’s always like Christmas morning when a new movie gets a full viral campaign. Images, concepts and more about secretive films get whole sites devoted to them to HYPE YOUR ASS. Now you can play around with new sites subtly promoting “Pacific Rim” and “Ender’s Game”. Get the info HERE.

MAY 29, 2013
Optimus Prime
Photos are out from the set of “Transformers 4”, now shooting in New Mexico. Get a peek at Optimus Prime’s leaner, more colorful look. There are two other sexy cars in the whole layout at THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Read about it now before they give the sequel a horrible subtitle.

MAY 28, 2013
Star Wars, Episode VII
It’s heeeeeeeeeeere. “Star Wars, EPISODE VII” starts filming NEXT YEAR. Holy Balls. I think that’s a quote from Obi-Wan Kenobi. Get details at MOVIEWEB.

MAY 27, 2013
Star Wars Kid
Speaking of “Star Wars”, what’s new with Star Wars Kid? He’s got an anti-bullying campaign based on the taunts he heard over and over again for doing this:


MAY 26, 2013
How brilliant is “The Simpsons”? You can take different “McBain” segments from a bunch of different episodes throughout the early seasons of the show and make a four-minute McBain film. Someone took the time to make sure that each time there was a McBain clip, it furthered this storyline…as much storyline as you’re going to get in a McBain movie. Enjoy:


MAY 25, 2013
Springfield, Universal Studios
Speaking of The Simpsons, Woohoo! The Simpsons Ride is such a hit at Universal Studios Orlando, there are plans to expand the ride into an entire section of the park. Yes, they’re going to build Springfield in Orlando. Don’t expect it in Hollywood anytime soon, they don’t have the land they have in Florida. But read all about why you want to book your ticket to Florida HERE.

MAY 24, 2013
The Avengers
Could The Avengers return without the full team intact? There’s rumor that Marvel’s notoriously low salaries may not be attractive to the likes of Chris Hemsworth, who garners bigger paychecks in other films. Read on HERE.

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