Raiding the Lost Ark

“Raiding the Lost Ark: A Filmumentary”


Review by Justin T. Bowler

This incredibly informative doc is a two-hour plus “filmumentary” by Jamie Benning. Described as the product of “Eight months of reading, chatting, trawling, editing and agonizing”, this documentary gives profound insight into the creation of (in my opinion, the greatest film of all time) (keep in mind I haven’t seen many films) the Steven Spielberg/ George Lucas masterpiece, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, written by Lawrence Kasdan. And the best part is… it is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

“Raiding the Lost Ark” is a fantastic mix of audio from interviews, special features from the DVDs, and rare footage (that I have no idea where he got) intercut with the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. While some of it is clever audio commentary from interviews playing over the film, other portions are cut animatix sequences, additional script dialogue, behind the scenes footage, plus onscreen insightful film facts. Obviously, Mr. Benning is an extreme fan of this film and did it because he loves the movie so much. I would love to see a version where he actually had a budget.

Check it out HERE on Vimeo:

And if you like this doc, then you can go to his VIDEO PAGE to check out “filmumentaries” for “Star Wars”, “Empire”‘ and “Jedi”.

Currently he is working on a “Jaws” doc as well. Keep up the great work, Mr. Benning, the rest of us fans appreciate it.

**** for Indy fans (it is as good as it gets.)


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