20 Songs You Should Have Playing on Your iPod Right Now!

Article by Patrick Garland

I’m not just a big movie fan. I’m also a big music fan. I can say without hesitation that I am very well endowed musically speaking. Don’t challenge me on this. You will lose. With that in mind I couldn’t help but be pushy and let you know about twenty songs you should be listening to at this very moment.

supertramp-take_the_long_way_home1) Take the Long Way Home – Supertramp (1979) – I love a song that opens with some real good harmonica playing. It really gets my toes tapping. This song makes for a great pick me up on that commute home from work. Maybe it will inspire you to take the road less traveled. Or it could be that hearing it will be the reason you download a few more of the wonderful songs from the Supertramp catalog. Would that be a good thing? You’re bloody well right it would be. HEAR IT!
johnny cash - hurt2) Hurt – Johnny Cash (2002) – Johnny Cash covers Nine Inch Nails – and turns out one of the most depressing songs of all time, but in a great way. It never felt so good to be sad. HEAR IT!
raydio jack and jill3) Jack and Jill – Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio (1978) – Leave it to Ray Parker Jr. to teach us a hidden truth. It was Jill’s fault Jack liked to sneak down the hill and cheat on her. She worked too much and she was always gone way to long. You know what they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder, except when you’re Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio. In that case it makes you want to go out to do some low down dirty cheating.” If you don’t believe me check out another Ray Parker Jr. classic entitled “The Other Woman”. That guy was always on the make. HEAR IT!

the_cult-love_removal_machine4) Love Removal Machine – The Cult (1987) – I’m not exactly sure what a love removal machine is but it sounds awfully painful. HEAR IT!
You_Should_Be_Dancing5) You Should Be Dancing – Bee Gees (1976) – Anytime this song comes on it makes me want to get down. Dance like no one is watching. Problem is… I can’t dance. But I don’t care. It’s time to boogie! Take my advice…put a little disco in your life. You can get started by installing a far out disco dancing floor that changes colors in your spare bedroom or office. It’s just that easy. HEAR IT!
Rio6) Rio – Duran Duran (1982) – If you’re a sexy lady and your name is Rio you should most definitely dance across the Rio Grande. The irony is terrific. HEAR IT!
Remember the Time7) Remember the Time – Michael Jackson (1992) – I love this song….but I’m still having a hard time with that music video with all that Eddie Murphy mugging for the camera, Magic Johnson looking awkward, and the Michael and Iman kissing stuff going on….so you’ll just have to trust me that this tune is a jamming new jack swing. HEAR IT!
George Strait8) How ‘bout Them Cowgirls – George Strait (2007) – Even if you’re not a big country music fan it’s important to understand that there is a reason George Strait has more number one singles than any other artist in music history of any genre with 59 number-ones as of 2012. It’s because he kicks some serious butt in those cowboy boots of his and I’m pretty sure he actually has sold some ocean front property to several unsuspecting people in Arizona. He’s just that good. HEAR IT!

Ready-For-The-World-Love-You-Down9) Love You Down – Ready For The World (1986) – This is by far the best song ever written by anyone ever…..Wait….Just kidding….I actually don’t even like this song….I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention to me. HEAR IT!
Where-The-Streets-Have-No-Name10) Where The Streets Have No Name – U2 (1987) – The only question I have is…if the streets have no name how can the post office ensure me that my package will be delivered on time for Christmas Day? On a side note, this song is so good that it makes up for anything on U2’s “Pop” album and that’s not an easy thing to do. HEAR IT!
sting-fortress-around-your-heart11) Fortress Around Your Heart – Sting (1985) – This is Sting at his most cocky, self important, arrogant, and obnoxious. It’s a dandy. HEAR IT!
frank-sinatra-witchcraft12) Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra (1957) – Pick out your favorite rock and roll icon and I’ll guarantee you that Frank Sinatra shined brighter, lived larger, and out preformed any of them. HEAR IT!
STP13) Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots (1994) – One of my favorites from that grungy 90s period. A nice example of a simpler time when Scott Weiland was off the drugs and high on life. Wait a second….I don’t think he was ever off the drugs. That’s okay, because later on he was able to get his act together and keep his new band Velvet Revolver going strong…..well actually… his unstable nature and “unexplained” mood swings helped put a swift end to them. But at least he’s back with STP and they recorded an awesome comeback album…oops…That album was, in reality, very uneven and had quite a bit of filler on it. Scott, will you ever learn? HEAR IT!

ChrisRea14) Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea (1988) – This might be one of best Christmas songs you’ve never heard before. It’s a perfect mix of Rea’s bluesy gravel voice and holiday jingle bells. HEAR IT!
Back for More15) Back for More – Ratt (1984) – An underappreciated hair metal band? You betcha. Ratt is one of those. You can keep your over played Motley Crue, Poison, and Quiet Riot… I prefer Ratt, Dokken, and Enuff Z’Nuff! HEAR IT!
eric-burdon-and-war-spill-the-wine16) Spill the Wine – Eric Burdon and War (1970) – One of the weirdest songs ever and I’m pretty sure it was influenced by something more than wine. Still, anytime I hear this one l fall in love with it all over again. HEAR IT!
gene_kelly-singin_in_the_rain17) Singin’ In The Rain – Gene Kelly (1952) – Gene Kelley’s interpretation of this song is an artistic masterpiece that is only topped when you are fortunate enough to be listening to it as you watch Kelly dance and splash while performing it in the movie of the same name. Quite possibly the best moment in cinematic history ever. HEAR IT!
boz-scaggs-breakdown-dead-ahead18) Breakdown Dead Ahead – Boz Scaggs (1980) – This guy has the coolest voice ever. This is an example of Easy Rock at its best. Mmm…..easy rock. HEAR IT!
The World We Live In19) The World We Live In – The Killers (2009) – A lesser known song from The Killers that kills. It gives you the feeling of being on a slow groove roller coaster. Just enough ups and downs to make your stomach feel funny. HEAR IT!
toto - rosanna20) Rosanna – Toto (1982) – What makes this Toto classic so awesome? It’s awesome because this song is performed by some of the ugliest men who ever picked up musical instruments but these homely dudes created a tune so sweet that countless beautiful ladies were defenseless against their wooing ways. You have to respect that. And even if you don’t… you’ve got to love a video featuring Cynthia Rhodes as Rosanna and Patrick Swayze as one of the dancing gang members. HEAR IT!
Southern Nights21) Southern Nights – Glen Campbell (1977) – Glen Campbell is the man. Period. End of story. HEAR IT!
That’s my list of 20 great tunes. Get these songs. Listen to them. Love them. Pass them on. Now, before you ask, I know I listed 21 songs not 20. But remember, that song by Ready for the World didn’t count. It was just a joke…..A very bad joke. At least that’s the way I hear it.

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