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Interview by Paul Preston

Every year a bazillion people dress up in costumes at Halloween. What are this year’s trends? What “Sexy _____” will girls be going this year? These questions, or questions like these, we put to the good people at Costume Supercenter, an online hub for all things dress-up:

Costume SupercenterCostume Supercenter. Sounds pretty self-explanatory. But what don’t I know about this place?
In 2005, Steven Mandell, founder of Party City, decided to devote his vast knowledge and background of the Halloween and costume business to creating a costume website that everyone could visit from the comfort of their home or office. Mandell recognized the need for increased selection, high quality and more fashion savvy designs in the marketplace.

So this year is big for what movie-themed costumes? Avengers? Spidey? The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?
Due to the movie, The Avengers are definitely hot this Halloween. Captain America for adult men specifically, we’ve already sold out of several costumes. Thor, Hulk and Black Widow are also picking up steam this year due to the movie. Spiderman and Batman (aka Dark Knight) are popular as well but those characters are hits every year.
Katy Perry’s movie may have been a flop but the costume is popular.

Sexy costumesI saw a link to “Sexy Costumes” on your home page. Is there a costume that CANNOT be made sexy for Halloween?
Well of course you can’t make “kids costumes” sexy, that would just be wrong and most men’s costumes aren’t very sexy – but then I am a guy so the ladies may think differently. But we do agree that with a little creativity it’s not hard to make almost any women’s costume “sexy”.

What do you think? Bigger percentage of girls getting sexy? Halloween or Annual Work Christmas Party?
Halloween definitely gets the lion’s share of “girls dressing sexy”. During Christmas if a girl dresses sexy it may be seen as unusual or inappropriate. There is something about Halloween culturally where everyone has decided that it is completely acceptable for women to dress sexy. Whether it is an office party or going out trick or treating with the kids – the only thing that seems to dampen that spirit is the weather.

You guys ship all over the country. What city gives you the most business. Got a theory why?
No city seems to stand out except for NYC sales do spike the last 2 days before Halloween. That is purely a function of our proximity to NYC. We are in NJ and we can easily ship last minute packages to NYC even the day before Halloween.
(Editor’s Note – the last two questions were asked “Pre-Tropical Storm Sandy”)

FrankenkidHow young is too young to slap a costume on a kid?
There really is no “too young”. We have a full line of “bunting costumes” for newborns. We even carry a line of maternity costumes for those mothers who will give birth soon after Halloween.

Now that I’m clicking around the site, everybody’s sexy! The tutu models who aren’t wearing anything else, the steampunk girls, everybody. Will you guys be needing The Movie Guys photography services for future advertising? We’d love to set up a shoot and start casting immediately.
Ha-ha, you should have been here when we were recording the costume videos for our site and Youtube page. It was amazing how many guys from the office volunteered to arrive early and stay late to help out with the recording process.

Lady Gaga costumeLet’s see…Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Posh Spice…what, no Ann Romney costume?
Sorry, no Ann Romney (unless Mitt wins, then expect one next year), we do have a Michelle Obama wig.
If you’re a fan of the GOP contender – or a fan of Halloween costume irony – you’ll have to be content with the Mitt Romney mask. But just in case we’re blamed for being partisan hacks we also have an Obama mask.

Where can I get me a Human Centipede costume?
If you really want that costume you’ll have to make your own – costume that is 😉

Paul Preston’s Halloween costume, 2011:
The Human Centipede Halloween costume

Well, now through Christmas my favorite time of the year, and of drunk people everywhere. What deals can people expect during Costume Supercenter’s busiest time of year?
We are constantly running different free shipping offers for different parts of the country so you’d have to watch the top banner on our site to see the one we’re running today. If you want to join us on Facebook we have a promo code available to all of our fans.

I really have no final, wrap-up question, so let me close with a picture of “Sexy Schoolgirl” from your website.

Sexy Schoolgirl

Thank you, Costume Supercenter. And a Happy Halloween to all…

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