Keanu Reeves

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012
Keanu Reeves is back in the news…but probably not in the way he wants. His big starring-vehicle comeback, “47 Ronin”, is quickly being called one of the messiest productions out there, to where the director has been pulled by the studio (Universal)! Read more about the escalating budget ($225 MIL +) and crazy shoot HERE.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012
Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford
These aren’t necessarily new, but we’ve found a good post that compiles all the lost “Star Wars” auditions of the stars-to-be and the stars-that-didn’t-quite-get-it. My favorite is Kurt Russell’s Han Solo audition. It seems like he’d be great, but once Harrison Ford put Solo forever in stone on film, all other interpretations of the character just seem off. Still, great viewing. Watch it all HERE.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012
Happy Birthday, Bill Murray! If you’ve seen The Movie Guys’ “Bill Murray Love Song”, you know Karen’s obsessed. So, to not post something awesome about Murray on his 62nd birthday would be wrong. So, without further ado, something awesome:


SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
Let’s just call this “Screen Test Week”. If you enjoyed “Star Wars”, here’s Kate Winslet’s screen test for “Titanic”. No surprise here, she’s great:


SEPTEMBER 19, 2012
George Lucas on Facebook
There really is no clever way to describe what this is, so they went with the obvious “If George Lucas Planned the Star Wars Prequels On Facebook”. But “If George Lucas Planned the Star Wars Prequels On Facebook” is pretty crafty, especially with all the sane minds chiming in. Enjoy it HERE.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012
Filmphotos - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Tough to describe this one, but hopefully the above image explains for us. A set of photos of movie locations with an accompanying still from the film itself overlayed. It’s very clever and artistic and can only be credited to the photographer called “moloknee”. Take it in, and be sure to search for you favorite movies HERE.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012
The Avengers
From the Well-I-Should-Hope-So Files comes word that Joss Whedon WILL be back to direct “The Avengers 2”. Get release date info and details HERE!

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