The Dark Knight Rises

Hey Movies, I Got Your Back

Article by Paul Preston

I think that whatever happens with politics and finances in this country (or most countries), the arts is what really shapes society. Not to sound throw around too much rhetoric, but look at something like The Renaissance. It wasn’t exactly a king or queen that got the world out of the Dark Ages, and especially not an army. It was painters and sculptors and musicians. And even today, when most everything we use in the U.S. isn’t made here, movies remain one of our greatest exports. It’s a horrible tragedy when violence upsets something like a sporting or holiday event. But when violence mars the arts, I find it especially disturbing. The arts are entirely peaceful, not trying to bomb people in other countries, not trying to subjugate a race or culture. It’s just about being creative and people were going out to enjoy the fruits of the artist’s labor. To walk into such a tragic event is horrible.

That being said, people all over the country are going to see this movie, and one irresponsible idiot shouldn’t stop us from going to this movie or any movie. I love going to the movies. I’ll never give this halfwit shooter the satisfaction of mentioning his name, and I’ll never let him take away me enjoying the shared experience of adventure, emotion, thrills and laughs I get at the movies. Never. Sorry you dope, you moron, it’s not going to happen. The movies will go on long after you’re festering in prison, alone, for the rest of your life. Just like we still have Olympics.

Tonight they’re stepping up security at New York City movie theaters. This is unnecessary. It’s not the movie. It’s that guy. And there’s no need to be afraid of either of them.

The news on this event in Denver is pretty much over. It’s not over for the families. Never will be. But for news coverage – it’s been covered. It’s been related, transmitted and ingested. Done. But now the 24-hour news channel talking heads are starting to open their mouths for fear of not having twenty-four hours of actual news. And this is when the entire event gets over-scrutinized, and I’ve seen this before: The movie will get the short end of the stick. It’ll be accused of “inciting violence”, “twisting young minds”, and the whole idea of copycat killers will never be thought of anywhere in this country until these TV geniuses bring it up ad nauseum.

Well, movies, I’ve got your back. If you really inspired insane behavior, there’d be a lot more cruise liners hitting icebergs and blue people attacking bulldozers. It ain’t you. It’s never been you. You took us to Tatooine, uncovered the Lost Ark and escorted us through the kitchen of The Copacabana to a front row seat with Ray Liotta. You put us in lonely waters with a man-eating shark, guided us through treacherous terrain in Middle-Earth and Thursday night, a full house wanted to see where you’d take us next, on another dizzying adventure through the corrupt streets of Gotham City.

And that was taken away. For some, everything was taken away.

But the arts will go on. And they should.

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