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Interview by Paul Preston

Blayne Weaver first came to my attention as one of the indie filmmakers (“Weather Girl”) profiled in the documentary “Official Rejection”. Things went horribly wrong for him at a film festival in that movie, who’s mission was to show how things often go horribly wrong for indie filmmakers at film festivals. The great side effect of his appearance is that you can’t help but root for Weaver and wish the best for him.

Fast forward to 2011 and Weaver wrapped his newest feature “6 Month Rule”, a transition from indies to something bigger. Naturally, we wanted to talk to him. We found out he’s got a great sense of humor, which makes us root for him even more. So please enjoy this series of dumbass questions with the great Blayne Weaver:

6 Month Rule movie posterYou’ve been quoted as saying “When I talk about my film ‘6 Month Rule’, the first thing people ask is: “What’s the six month rule?””. So, what is the “6 Month Rule”?
What an interesting and thought provoking question. The film is about a bachelor who has a set of rules that he follows to avoid emotional attachment. The ‘6 Month Rule’ is his belief that he can get over any woman in 6 months. Once he knows he will be able to get over any woman, no matter how awesome, he’s able to avoid the trap of falling in love.

When I Googled “6 Month Rule”, I learned that the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards passed a rule requiring interns to report training units earned in intervals of no more than six months. How will you switch America’s current concept of the “6 Month Rule” tied to this to your vision?
Everyone knows that the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (Or NCARB, as I call it) is comprised of bureaucratic fascists. Their ideas are antiquated and, honestly, smack of hubris. I don’t think the average Joe on the streets even listens to NCARB but it doesn’t matter because my movie isn’t about that. describes 6 MONTH RULE as “A womanizer teaches his clueless friend the rules about being single and avoiding emotional attachment”. How much womanizing did you have to do to research the script?
I did womanizing “ride alongs” where I would hang out with people much better with women than myself. I watched them, studied them, learned their language. Much like Jane Goodall and the Silver Back Gorillas, I walked amongst them… But I never was truly accepted into the pack. They always knew I wasn’t really a Gorilla but actually Sigourney Weaver.*

*The above is a “Gorillas in the Mist” joke but in further research I’ve discovered that Sigourney Weaver Doesn’t play Jane Goodall, she plays Dian Fossey. That’s not as funny so I kept the above inaccuracy.

6 Month Rule websitePhone numbers in movies are often represented by 555-something. There’s a number on a matchbook on the homepage of your website that reads “221-0346”. What happens if I call it?
You call me. That’s my personal line that gets me 24-7. It’s cool because I’m lonely and like to talk to people.

‘Splain me about Natalie Morales. She’s cute.
Wicked cute, wicked smart, wicked good acting chops. I did a guest star on a television show she starred in called “The Middleman”. We had a scene together and I thought “This girl is going to be a star”. When we were looking for the perfect actress to play Sophie she just popped into my mind and that was it. She’s amazing in the film… So, I’m a genius.

Natalie MoralesCute. Smart. Gotcha. But does she have motorcycle skills?
Ha. Funny story: No, she doesn’t. She rides a motorcycle in the movie and then a second after I cut the shot she falls off the motorcycle. Wait, that’s not a funny story. It was one of the most stressful days of my life. Never write a movie where someone rides off on a motorcycle because if they fall off when they’re doing that, it sucks.

John Michael HigginsWho does John MIchael Higgins play in the film? He looks pissed on the poster. I like when he’s pissed in movies.
My character is a photographer and JMH (I can call him that because I’m a big director) plays my agent. He’s not pissed as much as shallow and self-absorbed… You’ll still like it, though.

When I hear a sentence like “’We’re excited to be working with Film Buff”, said Steak House”, what does that mean?
Film Buff is a company (distributing digitally and Video On Demand) , Steak House is a person (Accomplished Producer of “By Hook Or By Crook” and my last film “Weather Girl”). Where’s the confusion? It all seems clear cut to me. Oh, do you mean because Film Buff is a weird name for a company?

Master Bait & TackleMaster Bait & Tackle is a weird name for a company.
I think that would make it very difficult to tackle anyone.
Official RejectionIn the documentary “Official Rejection”, you rightfully had a bit of an awesome meltdown when the Chicago Indiefest mishandled (to say the least) a screening of one of your previous movies. Director Paul Osborne says people on the street re-enact that meltdown for you. Are you entertained by this?
I’m glad that someone gets joy out of one of the worst evenings of my life. And I like street performance so it’s a win-win.

Another summer film release, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” was also shot in Louisiana. Any other similarities between that project and yours?
We shot “6 Month Rule” in my home town of Shreveport, Louisiana and it was a great experience but aside from the historical-fiction-undead-blood sucker aspect, we share no similarities with A.L.V.H.

A lot of actors want to direct. Boom. You’ve done it a number of times well before you’re forty. So…what now?
Nothing. I’m ready to die now.

“6 Months Rule” is playing in N.Y. and opens in L.A. on June 8th.


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