Moonrise Kingdom

MAY 28, 2012
Like a little mini-Blu-Ray extra, Wes Anderson has released a clip of the making of a SCENE from “Moonrise Kingdom”. Near to this writer’s heart, as I lived for a year in Newport, Rhode Island, the clip tells of shooting in the historic Trinity Church and a brief talk about how Anderson cast the kids in the movie, who are both exceptionally truthful. Check out the clip and article at THE NEW YORK TIMES.

MAY 27, 2012
John Waters

If you see director John Waters hitchhiking along the side of the road, you’re not seeing things. He’s researching a new book by thumbing it from Baltimore to the west coast. Get the skinny about his whole adventure HERE.

MAY 26, 2012
Just when we thought we had posted all the great Bill Murray news of the day, we get this! A fan asked Bill Murray for an autograph. Instead of granting it, he did one better. Murray shot a video with the fans of them walking in slow motion. Apparently not adding the slo-mo in post, either. Here is the result, and admit it, if you were one of these fans, you’d be in heaven:


MAY 25, 2012
Star Wars

Happy Birthday, “Star Wars”! It was 35 years ago that the space fantasy film was released in theaters and changed the world. But it’s been a bumpy road since, angering fans with change after change for better or (mostly) worse. HOLLYWOOD.COM has listed 35 of the biggest changes in honor of the 35th.

MAY 24, 2012
Talking during a movie

A man is facing jail time for hitting a kid who was talking during a movie. Knocked his tooth out. Apparently it was a big deal ’cause the kid was ten years old. The man was visibly ashamed of his actions. However…should he need bail money, contact The Movie Guys and we’ll start up some fundraising…provided there’s video of the guy smacking the noisy kid during the film. That sounds awesome.

MAY 23, 2012
Steve Martin

Steve Martin has been asked to write music for the upcoming season of Shakespeare in the Park, adding original music to this summer’s production of “As You Like It”. Martin doesn’t appear in the film, he’s been hired as a composer. We know the banjo is a life-long passion project of Steve Martin’s, so we just want to say “Good on ya”, Steve. Read more about it at THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.

MAY 22, 2012
The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp always seems to throw himself 100% into his roles, but never to the extent he has now. Depp was asked to join a Comanche tribe and he accepted! The invite came out of his newest role as Tonto in the upcoming “The Lone Ranger”. Read all the details at MOVIEFONE.COM.

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