Mike Wallace

APRIL 8, 2012
R.I.P. Mike Wallace. Although there are many great interviews you can see involving the great Mr. Wallce (Jose Canseco, Ayatollah Khomeini), we would be remiss as Movie Guys if we didn’t point out that Christopher Plummer’s performance AS Mike Wallce in the outstanding “The Insider”, your home-viewing recommendation of the day.

APRIL 7, 2012
Universal Films available on iCloud

Another death knell for DVD, and even Blu-Ray, Universal Pictures has just made their films available on iCloud. So now, renting from iTunes will allow download of a film to any device connected to Apple’s iCloud. The above graphic shows how Fox has not made films available in that way yet. All I’m saying is that I already miss DVD extras and audio commentary…(sigh). Read more HERE.

APRIL 6, 2012
"Bully" Movie Poster

If you follow THE LATEST, you know I’m a big champion of Harvey Weinstein and his battles against the antiquated MPAA rating system. Well, congrats, Harvey, “Bully” has been given the PG-13 you fought for. An R would’ve kept the film from being seen by those who would most benefit from it. The film expands to more screens April 13th.

APRIL 5, 2012
Real Disney Princesses

Don’t know if it’s Disney Magic or Photoshop, but these photos of real girls reflecting the exact look of famous animated Disney characters are creepy…and sexy…and creepy/sexy. Especially Rapunzel. CHECK ‘EM OUT.

APRIL 4, 2012

How done are DVDs? YouTube, even though they are constantly at odds with Paramount and their host company Viacom over copyright issues, will now be hosting Paramount movies for rental, expanding their catalog to include movies like “The Godfather”, which I know I’ve always envisioned on a 19-inch screen…(sigh…and not the first ‘sigh’ of this edition of THE LATEST…)

APRIL 3, 2012
Dumb and Dumber 2

The Farrellys, on a press junket for “The Three Stooges”, have said that “Dumb and Dumber 2” will start shooting in September, and that both main actors from the first film are on board. Jeff Daniels, too? This is how he follows up “The Newsroom”? Interesting.

APRIL 2, 2012
Alternative art poster for Disney's Snow White

Which pop culture phenomenon to fans have more fun with? “Star Wars” or Disney? Here’s another go at classic Disney movie posters to keep the debate raging, making the legendary films ‘arty’. Enjoy all of ’em HERE.

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