THE LATEST – 3/20/12

Robert DeNiro

MARCH 20, 2012
Robert DeNiro made a joke (A JOKE) at an Obama fundraiser, and Newt Gingrich decided to use that as a reason to remind everyone that he’s still, for some reason, in the Presidential race. Read about the debacle HERE.

MARCH 19, 2012
George Clooney

George Clooney is free! This, after being arrested for protesting the genocide in Darfur. If he’s nothing else, he’s sincere. But he is something else, a bachelor/millionaire/Oscar-winner/filmmaker/writer/director/jealousy-maker. He is NOT running for President.

MARCH 18, 2012
Steve Martin

If you don’t know about Steve Martin’s new book, it’s brilliantly titled: “The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make That Ten.: The Tweets of Steve Martin”. If the book is half as clever as the title, we’re all in luck.

MARCH 17, 2012
HBO's "Luck"

HBO’s “Luck” has run out. Despite a star-studded cast, three horse deaths on the set have cancelled the production. So, as our Movie Guy Adam Witt said, “So I guess we can all stop pretending to watch and like “Luck”?”

MARCH 16, 2012
Jurassic Park

Perfect example of a movie that was already in 3D, but we can finally see it that way. Think of all the shots in this movie that if you saw them in a 3D movie now, new, would make you say “oh they’re just exploiting 3D.”

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