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FEBRUARY 25, 2012
Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill” has set a record by scoring TWELVE Razzie nominations in only TEN categories! Sandler himself received eleven nominations. Annual favorite Nicolas Cage is in the mix, too, for his crap-fecta – “Drive Angry”, “Season of the Witch” & “Trespass”. Check out all the nominees HERE.

FEBRUARY 24, 2012
Is Sacha Baron’s hullabaloo getting booted from the Oscar ceremony (for which he appears in the ten-times-nominated “Hugo”) a big stunt of his? Or a big stunt of his AND The Academy’s? Either way, it’s entertaining as hell, and got more interesting when The Dictator released this video:


FEBRUARY 23, 2012
I can’t say I’m a fan of the “Transformers” film franchise, but I’ve heard that the Transformers ride coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in May leans heavily on the same technology that made The Amazing Spider-Man the greatest ride in the history of rides. If so, sign me up. They want to enlist you, too, according to this Super Bowl spot:


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