Movies From 0 to 50 in Less Than 5 Minutes – ROUND TWO!

Article by Matteo Molinari

0: Gunshots exploded in the western FOUR FACES WEST/THEY PASSED THIS WAY (USA 1948). [NOTE: The movie was a flop]

1: Full-length features entirely made in sign language. It’s the horror film DEAFULA (USA 1975), a story about Dracula’s illegitimate son.

2: Words spoken by Richard Kiel (Jaws) in the two James Bond movies he made. The words are, “To us,” in MOONRAKER (UK 1979).

3: Times Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) removes his hat in THE BLUES BROTHERS (USA 1980) – when he goes to sleep in his motel room, when he breaks a window, and when the Bluesmobile falls apart. [NOTE: This is in the theatrical version; in the Director’s Cut, he also is shown without hat AND glasses at the factory where he works]

4: Casting directors credited in the main titles of THE BEAR (L’OURS, Fra 1989). The movie has only three actors.

5: Age difference between Johnny Depp and Rachel Griffiths; despite the fact that she is the younger one, she played Depp’s mother in BLOW (USA 2001).

6: Years between John Landis’ COMING TO AMERICA (USA 1988) and Disney’s THE LION KING (USA 1994). In both movies, James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair play King and Queen (respectively, King Jaffe Joffer and King Mufasa, and Queen Aoleon and Queen Sarabi).

7: Movies in which John Wayne dies.

8: Shooting days for the DeLorean’s takeoff in the final shot of BACK TO THE FUTURE (USA 1985).

9: Hundreds of extras used in a scene shot in Alameda for the back-to-back produced movies THE MATRIX: RELOADED (USA 2003) and THE MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS (USA 2004). Every extra had his or her costume individually fitted.

10: Oscar nominations of Martin Scorsese’s GANGS OF NEW YORK (USA 2002). It won none, including Scorsese’s fifth nomination as Best Director.

11: Hundreds of backgrounds created for Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID (USA 1989).

12: Go-carted camera crews which were “racing” to shoot the Target Grand Prix of Chicago used in Sylvester Stallone’s DRIVEN (USA 2001).

13: Times Dustin Hoffman repeats the Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine in RAIN MAN (USA 1988).

14: Brooke Shields’ age when she received her first screen kiss (thanks to Christopher Atkins) in THE BLUE LAGOON (USA 1980).

15: Times the line “The power of Christ compels you” is said by Max von Sydow and Jason Miller (as Father Merrin and Father Karras) in THE EXORCIST (USA 1973). The first line is spoken only by von Sydow, the other ones are spoken simultaneously by both.

16: People thanked by Simone “for their contribution to the making of Simone” in the closing credits of S1M0NE (USA 2002). They are: Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Mary J Blige (the singing voice of Simone), Ernest Borgnine, Marlene Dietrich, Clare Forlani, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Rachel Roberts (the basic look of Simone). She also thanks “Hank Aleno Software, Inc.”

17: According to special effects genius Douglas Trumbull, passes made for the opening shot of Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER (USA/Hong Kong 1982). Miniatures, photos of flames, etc.

18: Takes Stephen Furst needed in order not to laugh when John Belushi tried to make him in NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE (USA 1978).

19: Stuntmen credited in ANACONDA (USA 1997). [NOTE: The movie lists a cast of 9 actors]

20: Years of “retirement” of James Cagney, from ONE, TWO, THREE (USA 1961) to his last movie, RAGTIME (USA 1981).

21: People arrested while trying to sneak in the 76th Academy Award ceremony, held in Hollywood, on February 29, 2004.

22: Thousands of dollars that Haxan Entertainment production spent on Daniel Meryck and Eduardo Sánchez’s horror THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (USA 1999). The movie wound up grossing $240.5 million worldwide.

23: Years of interval between PSYCHO (USA 1960) and its first sequel, PSYCHO II (USA 1983). Anthony Perkins stars in both.

24: Roles portrayed by Lupino Lane in ONLY ME (USA 1929).

25: Films nominated in 1943 as Best Documentary; an unprecedented (and to date, unsurpassed) four winners got the statuette: they are THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY (USA 1942), KOKODA FRONT LINE (USA 1942), MOSCOW STRIKES BACK (USA 1942), and PRELUDE TO WAR (USA 1942) – all war-themed.

26: Songs in ISHTAR (USA 1987).

27: Thousands of gallons of water per minute that was poured through the ceiling of the “melting” Ice Palace set built by Peter Lamont for James Bond’s twentieth adventure, DIE ANOTHER DAY (UK / USA 2002).

28: Takes required for a sheet of paper blown by the wind to land precisely onto the shoe of Amy Rainey (Maria Bello) in SECRET WINDOW (USA 2004) – according to writer/director David Koepp’s recollection.

29: Body count in LETHAL WEAPON 2 (USA 1989).

30: Minutes of action in Dennis Hopper’s THE LAST MOVIE (USA 1971), before the opening credits roll.

31: Operators of the two velociraptors used in the kitchen attack in JURASSIC PARK (USA 1993). Mostly they were hiding in the cabinetry.

32: Screens all across America STAR WARS (USA 1977) opened.

33: Days between the wrapping of MTV’s THE REAL CANCUN (USA 2003) and its opening in the theaters. It opened on April 25.

34: Years between THE MALTESE FALCON (USA 1941) and its sequel, THE BLACK BIRD (USA 1975). Actress Lee Patrick played a secretary in both movies.

35: “Pussy” in the chorus to a Ritz Brothers’ Song from THE GOLDWYN FOLLIES (USA 1938). If you really want to know, the lyrics are: “Here pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy, here pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy, here pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy, here pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy, here pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy, where is the dog-gone cat?”

36: Budget in millions of dollars of Bette Midler and Nathan Lane’s ISN’T SHE GREAT (USA 2000). The movie grossed $2,954,405.

37: Years it would have taken to render all the frames of TOY STORY (USA 1995) on a single computer – statistic estimated by the makers of the movie.

38: Diameter in feet of the Discovery centrifuge built for 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (UK 1968). It could rotate 180˚ at a speed of 3 mph.

39: Years between Henry Fonda’s first nomination for Best Actor, for THE GRAPES OF WRATH (USA 1940) and his second, crowned with a statuette, for ON GOLDEN POND (USA 1981). [NOTE: he earned a nomination in 1957 for producing one of the best picture nominees, TWELVE ANGRY MEN (USA 1957)]

40: Lucy impersonators who were on the bus driven by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in RAT RACE (USA 2001). Among them is Nancy Zucker, the director’s mother.

41: Pitches Robert Redford plays on a diamond field in THE NATURAL (USA 1983).

42: Puppeteers and voices only for the goblins featured in LABYRINTH (USA 1986).

43: Cats (mostly from shelters) trained as “extras” for Halle Berry’s CATWOMAN (USA 2004).

44: Different costumes worn by Scarlett O’Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND (USA 1939).

45: Jason’s costumes made for JASON X (USA 2002).

46: Countries that have banned the quasi-reality quasi-documentary FACES OF DEATH (USA 1978).

47: Career years of Harpo Marx. He only spoke twice.

48: Years between the final draft of Ted Allan’s script Bethune: The Making of a Hero and the releasing of the movie BETHUNE (Can/China 1990) at the Montreal World Film Festival.

49: Takes Steven Soderbergh required for a line of David Fincher’s dialogue in FULL FRONTAL (USA 2002).

50: Thousands of dollars Jack Warner gave Howard Hawks to purchase the rights for Raymond Chandler’s THE BIG SLEEP (USA 1946). Apparently, Hawks bought the rights for $5,000 and kept the rest for himself.

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