Seven Songs You Should Listen to Again for the First Time

Article by Patrick Garland

Next time you are in your car on the way to the movies, here are seven songs you should listen to again for the first time…or really for the first time if you’ve never heard them before…and if you’ve only listened to them once or twice, then listen to them again for the first time which is what I was saying in the first place…………

Little Guitars – Van Halen
Yes, I know they have a new album coming out but this is VH way back during “Diver Down” and long before they all became complete head cases.

Rock with You – Michael Jackson
Remember when Michael was awesome? I mean really awesome before it got all creepy and weird? I do and you should too. Everything about this song make you want to dance. Not just regular dancing, I’m talking about far out happening disco dancing circa late 70’s.

Molly (Sixteen Candles) – Sponge
This is one of the most 90’s sounding songs ever. Every time I hear this one it is as if I am immediately transported to that coffee house across the street from my college. This song is a time machine that doesn’t require you to go 88 miles an hour or jump in a hot tub.

See You When I Get There – Lou Rawls
I only have two words for this song – Groovy Baby

Heartlight – Neil Diamond
The first thing that comes to my mind is…….Fantastic. Neil Diamond liked E.T. so much he wrote his own song in tribute to it. You can’t beat the lyrics in this one. “Turn on your heartlight in the middle of a young boy’s dreams, don’t wake me up to soon…. gonna take a ride across the moon….. You and me. “
Yes Mr. Diamond – “home is the most excellent place of all.”

Gives You Hell – The All-American Rejects
Everybody who has had a relationship fall apart has felt just like this. Sometimes you just hope they figure out how much they missed out on when they decided to quit you. Or it could be you are just really spiteful and get great joy from using the word hell over and over again.

How Deep Is your Love – Bee Gees
This is hands down one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. Plus it’s on the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack which is still one the biggest albums of all time. For all of you out there groaning right now remember this….Barry Gibb is a musical genius. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think so. This is not up for debate. I’m right and you’re wrong. At least that’s the way I hear it.

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