DECEMBER 23, 2011
Orson Welles’ Best Screenplay Oscar (sadly the only win for “Citizen Kane”) was just sold at an auction for over $800,000. After passing from hand to hand for YEARS, an unknown bidder now has Welles’ Academy Award. Could it be…Glenn Close? Buying her way into Academy’s favor? Read about it all in the NY Times.

DECEMBER 22, 2011

So what is Harrison Ford’s next project? We love the big guy here and are keeping close watch for when he’ll kick ass next. He’s gotten himself into a big-time buzz project – ENDER’S GAME, an adaptation of the popular Orson Scott Card novel. He joins an all-star cast and you can read about it in The Hollywood Reporter.

DECEMBER 21, 2011

Universal has revved up the publicity machine in anticipation of the opening of “Transformers: The Ride”. The PREPARE FOR BATTLE website fills you in on some of the look of the ride, and you can sign up to be part of what will no doubt be an aggressive marketing campaign. There’s reason to get excited ’cause this is from the makers of The Amazing Spider-Man ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the greatest ride in the history of mankind.

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