THE LATEST – 12/11/11

DECEMBER 11,2011
Well, here they are. Your posters for two of Summer 2012’s biggest movies. And both are looking BUH-leak. “The Amazing Spider-Man” released it’s poster, certainly more stylized than “Spider-Man 3″‘s, but not to be outdone, “The Dark Knight Rises”‘s poster is far more emotive.

Posters be damned, I’m already more excited for the Batman movie ’cause I’ve no desire to sit through Spider-Man’s origin AGAIN. And they call it “The Untold Story”? Will he NOT be bitten by a spider this time? How revisionist will they get?

DECEMBER 10,2011

Director Tom Hooper said his upcoming film of “Les Miserables” will be in 2D, although he was tempted to shoot 3D.

Read his comments HERE. We’ll reserve our comments except to say “Thank you, Tom.”


Ridley Scott took time to recently to write an article for The Huffington Post, asking that you respect the way movies were intended to be seen (something we’ve been saying for a long time) – IN A THEATER. He also praises Blu-Ray as the closest thing you’ll get to the filmmaker’s intention as far as home-viewing is concerned.

I saw Scott speak at Comic-Con this year. He says he’ll never make a movie again in 2D. He’s hooked on 3D, right when we’re all a little tired of it. I need another HuffPo article where you work that out, Ridley. I’ll be reading.

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