THE LATEST – 12/2/11

DECEMBER 2, 2011
As if you don’t know already, “The Dark Knight Rises” is doing a preview of sorts, showing six minutes or so in front of one of the big holiday releases. “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” will premiere December 21st, originally thought to be the movie to host the preview clips. However, the date seems to the 16th, so what film will now sport Batman’s preview remains to be seen.

Another wrinkle is that it’s only happening in select cities! No surprise, L.A. is on the list…! The entire list is HERE at

Remember, don’t get in line yet, okay? We don’t know what film you need to buy a ticket to in order to watch the preview…

DECEMBER 1, 2011

Benicio del Toro is in line to play the villain in the next “Star Trek” movie. So, naturally the internets and Googles are abuzz with talk of him playing Khan. That would probably kick ass, but look at him. I’m sorry, but he’s The Werewolf in everything from here on out…

NOVEMBER 30, 2011

Your first look at Daniel Day-Lewis on the set of Spielberg’s “Lincoln”.

This is not a production photo with a re-imagining where Lincoln suddenly sports jeans and a turtleneck. But just look at this picture. How is Day-Lewis not going to be completely f-ing AWESOME.

Don’t screw it up, Spielberg…

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