THE LATEST – 11/29/11

NOVEMBER 29, 2011
Better days…

“The purpose of our suffering is only more suffering.” – Altered States

NOVEMBER 28, 2011

People are convulsing at screenings of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part One”. But if you read this article in The Huffington Post, you’ll find out it’s for all the wrong reasons.

I guess Bella’s birth scene is pretty graphic, for PG-13. The last film I can remember that did this was “127 Hours”. So why be outdone, “Twilight”? Start hacking limbs!

NOVEMBER 27, 2011
Sometimes I’m late to the party. Such is the case with “Italian Spiderman”.

This is a hilarious spoof of misappropriated superhero movies that’s been around for three or four years, but I’ve just seen it, so I share it here.

I know “The Latest” is supposed to be a place for movie news, but do you really want to talk about “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” winning the box office for a second week in a row, or do you want to watch “Italian Spiderman”? Enjoy:


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