THE LATEST – 11/22/11

NOVEMBER 22, 2011
What was that middle thing?

With a recent deal going down getting MGM out of some of its financial trouble, John Cleese says the musical of “A Fish Called Wanda” is closer to getting mounted. In fact, he’s on the hunt for a director now. This is one of the funniest movies ever made, they better not muck things up with a bunch of fruity singing.

This, of course, is all according to The Guardian, a British news source, so they’ve gotta know what Cleese is up to, right?

NOVEMBER 21, 2011
Better days…

“Please… no doctors”

NOVEMBER 20, 2011
Moviefone has a fun interview with the cast of “The Muppets”, including Segel, Adams, The Frog and Piggy. It’s pretty loose, so they talk over each other a bit, but when they get to Miss Piggy doing impersonation, the bit is so easy and so fun, it’s surprising that they haven’t done it before! Enjoy:


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