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Paul Preston

Paul Preston

Welcome to The Movie Guys!

Hollywood runs the world, whether you like it or not, and we’re in the middle of it! The Movie Guys are film-drenched wise-asses with no shortage of insightful and hilarious things to say about all things movies.

Your main Movie Guy is Paul Preston. He can tell you what day of the week it is any day of the year based on what movies have come out that weekend and whether the grosses are final or not. Paul’s brain is hard-wired to the movie screen for film trivia, facts and 24/7 sensory overload from the entertainment mecca of the world. Paul serves up a cerebral take on what the world’s greatest industry is dishing out. Paul has worked in a movie theater, video store, film set, video production company and movie-themed amusement park. He’s worked movie premieres, written screenplays, directed short films, served as editor on numerous television shows, written and directed commercials, performed stand-up comedy around the country, performed with The Second City, kick-boxed a grizzly bear, stared down a tank, and defeated all three Halo games and Scientology. He’s qualified. Now sit down.

There are many contributing Movie Guys to this site, and they can’t live without an unending flow of movie crack pumped straight to their aortas. The Movie Guys will give you the straight-up take on what you’ll get from a movie experience, and hopefully there’s blood involved. Sweet, sweet blood.

Together they cut through the celluloid tape and deliver the goods. The Movie Guys tell it to you straight.

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Blair Witch
Don’t Breathe
Bridget Jones’s Baby
Hell or High Water
Pete’s Dragon
Jason Bourne
Batman: The Killing Joke
Central Intelligence
Finding Dory
The Conjuring 2
X-Men: Apocalypse
Money Monster
Captain America: Civil War
Hardcore Henry
Elvis & Nixon
The Jungle Book
I Saw the Light
10 Cloverfield Lane
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Jane Got a Gun
The Hateful Eight

Paul has written the majority of the Archives from 1991 – present, use links on the left.

Critics Don’t Matter
Over-Doing Do-Overs – Part Two
John Bennardo – The TMG Interview
Over-Doing Do-Overs – Part One
Let ‘Em Finish the Job
Search the ARCHIVES links on the left for more of Paul’s articles.

Paul has participated in every Movie Guys video (100+), seen at the VIDEOS PAGE, or at their YouTube page.

Paul hosts THE MOVIE SHOWCAST on iTunes. New episode every Thursday!
Paul has been interviewed on several radio stations here and abroad, hear the interviews at the AUDIO PAGE.

Paul is a writer/performer for The Movie Guys LIVE.

Paul is also the main contributor to The Latest and a regular contributor to Twitter Reviews

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  1. Great work! We would be interested in including some of your ‘short’ video on our platform, we would be also very interested in exploring whether there’s any interest serving as a curator/guest host for the horror channel? We also sent a note on FB. Hope to hear soon.


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